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21/11/2016 – NDR1 Interviews Cofounder Lena Dorfschmidt about Open History Project’s Mission and the Fairwandler Prize (German)


screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-3-03-48-pmMitten.drin published a story on Open History Project and the Fairwandler Prize.

Cloud-Chronisten: OpenHistoryProject sammelt Geschichten aus Krisengebieten

by Lukas Schmidt, Sept 6, 2015

The Open History Project gives marginalized voices and visions a platform. It removes borders between North and South, and makes it clear that people around the world are protagonists of their own history and that injustice, violence, poverty and human rights violations do not stop at the borders. The project conveys a global perspective on stories that are based on human similarities rather than differences, which is innovative and has a high resonance.

2016 Fairwandler Prize Introduction
Benjamin Haas, Karl Kübel Stiftung, Fairwandler Prize Jury


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