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Open History Project is completely volunteer run and depends on the contributions of user like you. Join our team of international volunteers today and help us create a world where empathy doesn’t stop at political or geographical borders.
(If you are interested in working on your portfolio and skill set have a look at our online Internship Programm.)

Contribute a Story

Share your own experiences on that are relevant to you and your community! Preserve local knowledge and history, share concerns about current social and political events and connect to an international community.

Amplify unheard voices!

Become a local representative of Open History Project and share stories that are relevant to people in you area. Reach out to people whose voices are usually not heard and share their concerns on an international platform.

Make Stories Available in your Language

Let’s create a world without borders. Help sharing stories across the globe by translating them to your language. Let’s give people a voice!


Give others a voice

Join an international team of volunteers dedicated to sharing unheard voices. Your skills are needed to make this project possible. Help with editing, proofreading, web design, social media networking, organising…


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