Open History Project provides internships for growing your portfolio and skill set. As an intern you become an expert on topics from your area, collect stories and share them with the world.

As an Intern at Open History Project you will develop an awareness and appreciation of ethical issues in the media. You will strengthen your social skills, getting in touch with people whose voices are usually not heard, communicating and sharing their stories. And especially you will get experience interviewing people: From finding interview partners, scheduling and planning an interview, to the interview itself and the transcription process.

We help to publish your work in 42 languages and share it online. Plus, we connect you with a network of storytellers and volunteers around the world.

We are looking for energetic young journalists with an eye for a good story, who would like to gain experience in arranging, conducting, and sharing interviews.

We are a diaspora organization. All the members and volunteers are scattered across the world and work together online.

As an intern you are part of this network, connected with us. As part of the internship you will work independently on your own project, doing interviews on topics that are relevant for the Oral History Project. You decide on what subjects you have access or can give yourself.

We offer you support to gain experience and an opportunity to be at the beginning of a new wave of citizen journalism.

Examples for Project Plans:
– Interviewing elderly people about the history of my village
– Interviewing Mexican-Americans about living on two sides of the US/Mexico border
– Interviewing peace activists who opposed war

Interested, but no idea what your project could be? Contact us and let’s brainstorm!

Apply now for an internship with us if …

  • … You want to work to create a society without borders
  • … Your versatile interests and enthusiasm help to give people a voice
  • … You don’t mind taking baby step to reach a distant goal
  • … You are reliable and can work independently
  • … You can communicate with empathy and understanding

The application period is open. Interns are accepted as long as we have resources to guide them.

There are two types of internships. For the Intensive Internship we expect you to commit yourself full times to the project. For the School/Work Accompanying you use your free time to intern at the Open History Project. We require a one month commitment. Three months or more is recommended.

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