“At many of the key moments in history some of the bravest and most effective political acts were the sounds of the human voice itself.” 

Howard Zinn

As a Storyteller you reach out to people who’s voice are often not heard. Storytellers for the Open History Project use Oral History Guidelines to conduct interviews with people and share their stories on a global level.

We are a diaspora organization. All the members and volunteers are scattered across the world and work together online.

The simple answer is: Anyone who is enthusiastic to give people a voice. Our Storytellers are from very different backgrounds, representing all parts of society. This an include someone who is interested in their community, someone who has some spare time (or can somehow arrange some), someone who is unemployed, from a disadvantaged or excluded group or someone who has stories to share about their own life or the lives of others.

Every Storyteller receives the following benefits:

  • A personalised user account so your voice can be heard
  • An official Open History Project Storyteller Badge (Press Card)
  • Your story highlighted on the front page of the Open History Project website
  • The opportunity for your story to be featured in our slider
  • Be commissioned to undertake assignments
  • A certificate of accomplishment for every story you submit

Open History Project stories focus on firsthand knowledge and are relevant to at least one of three themes:

  • Giving value to elders – interviews that preserve the views and experiences of older generations
  • Increasing consciousness of other cultures – promoting empathy across borders and encouraging diversity of views
  • Providing access to local knowledge – discovering the past of a village, town or city from the view of an individual who lived it


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