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Place: Neb Sarai, New Delhi, India

Date: June 2014

Interview and Translation by Lena Dorfschmidt

My name is Anju, I live in Maidan Garhi, Delhi.

My husband had no job and due to this I faced many problems in daily life.

One day I heard about Nav Srishti, [an NGO close to my place,] running a Parlor Course free of costs and I decided to join this course. On 1st of October 2012 I enrolled. Before that, I hadn’t been working. There was just no need for me to work. And actually I didn’t want to work either. I felt my husband should have stopped me. I didn’t want to work. I felt bad having to work.

[Indian] women are so busy in the house. That makes it difficult [to work]. And if women work, they only do the labor. No education. Society doesn’t support [education of women].

[When I started studying in they course] it was okay for my husband. “If you want to learn”, he said, “you can.” But it wasn’t decided that I would work afterwards.

While studying I started working door to door, offering my services as a beautician.  The money I earned through that helped to solve some problems.

After completing this course I worked in a Parlor for six month. Then I heard about a vacancy for a teacher in the Nav Srishti Parlor program.

In December 2013 Nav Srishti offered me a big opportunity for working with them as a parlor teacher. I felt very happy when I joined this vacancy.

Until now, I have been working as a parlor teacher in Nav Srishti. In the future I want to teach more women, to help them making their lives more independent and let them learn how to stand on their own two feet, as well as making it easier for them to face problems in their daily lives, as it happened to me. I will work in a parlor. I will take the BPP, the Bachelor Preparatory Program. I need this to be competitive.

Today I think, it is good when both parents work. I didn’t like [when I was the only one in the family working]. I felt very bad.

My husband was trying to get a job. Now he has work.

I am independent now. My family and husband say “You can do what you want, no problem. No obligation.” [But when I first started to work] my family tried to stop me. But it was necessary. [In the end, I think] hat was good.

Nowadays I like working, because I want to provide a better education for my daughter. Education is important for everyone. Without education you can’t achieve anything.

In my time there was no facility for education. Now it is easier. Now the government supports more.

[The values I would like to teach my daughter are] independence, stand on your own feet, be able to decide for yourself.

Now society wants girls to work and if she wants, she can.

I don’t have a lot of time, but I finance her tuition. I want her to concentrate on studies if she wants to do job.

I am still very thankful for Nav Srishti, giving me this great opportunity to turn my live around. At present, I am very satisfied with my live.



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  1. Vicky Zorba 3 years ago

    Hi Lena, I’d like to translate this story in Greek but I can’t find it in the Translation Interface list. Could you help please? Many thanks!

    • Author
      Lena 3 years ago

      Dear Vicky,
      I assigned the translation to you – you should have received an email with a link to it.
      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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